Rectification of Birth Certificates in Formosa

Rectification of Birth Certificates in Formosa


For more than two decades, Inherit.Estate has assisted clients from all over the world in the process of rectification of birth certificates in Formosa, Argentina. There are endless reasons why somebody may need to amend his or birth certificate. One of the most common mistakes we have encountered in our professional practice is the misspelling of either the name or last name of the new born or his/her parents. In addition, the name of the place of birth or even the parents’ occupation.

By means of a power of attorney, we can process this request for clients who live abroad. Moreover, we can collect all the necessary data and paperwork in order to submit it before the corresponding Civil Registry Office in Formosa where the birth was recorded.

After submitting the request, the application has to be approved by the corresponding authorities. Next, the amendment is made on the original record where the birth of the child was registered. This does not mean that the original information will be deleted from the birth entry. After the rectification is duly authorized, the clerk will add a note to the margin of the birth record. The purpose of this procedure is to leave evidence of the original information, and the amendment made afterwards. In fact, any new copy of the birth certificate issued after the rectification will include such a marginal note.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that short birth certificates -or birth certificate extracts- will only include the child’s details. In other words, this type of certificate will not have a note in the margin because it will just show any correct new details.

Rectification of Birth Certificates in Formosa
Rectification of Birth Certificates in Formosa

Notwithstanding the above mentioned, it is not possible to request to add new information just because some circumstances changed. For example, if the parents get divorce.

Rectification of Birth Certificates in Formosa

Moreover, a person can request the removal of his/her father’s details as long as it can be proven that the name of the man appearing on the birth certificate is not the actual biological father of the child. Some examples of specific evidence may include a court order, DNA test record from an approved tester, proof confirming the identity of the true biological father, statements from witnesses, etc.


Another highly important circumstance is when a person decides to change his/her gender. In the Argentine Republic, the Act No. 26.743 was passed on May 9, 2012. This groundbreaking Gender Identity Law allows people to legally change their gender. Consequently, they are enabled to obtain a new ID card as well as a copy of their new birth certificate.

Inherit.Estate in Formosa

Our vast network of record retrievers operates throughout the province of Formosa:

Banco Payaguá, Bartolomé de las Casas, Bermejo, Buena Vista, Clorinda, Colonia Campo Villafañe (Mayor Vicente Villafañe), Colonia Pastoril, Colonia Sarmiento, Comandante Fontana, El Colorado, El Espinillo, El Potrillo, El Quebracho,

El Recreo, Estanislao del Campo, Formosa, Fortín Cabo 1º Lugones, Fortín Sargento 1º Leyes, Fortín Soledad, General Lucio Victorio Mansilla, General Manuel Belgrano, General Mosconi, Gran Guardia, Guadalcazar, Herradura, Ibarreta,

Ingeniero Guillermo N. Juárez, Juan G. Bazán, La Rinconada, Laguna Blanca, Laguna Gallo, Laguna Naick-Neck, Laguna Yema, Laishi, Lamadrid, Las Lomitas,

Los Chiriguanos, Mariano Boedo, Matacos, Mayor Vicente Villafañe, Misión Tacaaglé, Mojón de Fierro, Palma Sola, Palo Santo, Patiño, Pilagás, Pilcomayo,

Pirané, Portón Negro, Posta Cambio Zalazar, Pozo de Maza, Pozo del Mortero,

Pozo del Tigre, Puerto Pilcomayo, Ramón Lista, Riacho He-He, Riacho Negro,

San Francisco de Laishí, San Hilario, San Martín I, San Martín II, Siete Palmas,

Subteniente Perín, Tatané, Tres Lagunas, Vaca Perdida, Villa del Carmen,

Villa Dos Trece, Villa Escolar, Villa General Güemes, Villa General Manuel Belgrano, and Villa Kilómetro 213.

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