Court Records from Dominican Republic

Court Records from Dominican Republic


People from all over the world can now obtain court records from Dominican Republic from the comfort of their home. Inherit.Estate is the first network of document retrievers that handles any request on a customized basis. Since every legal proceeding carried out in a court of law is duly recorded by means of legal documents, official records are a key element throughout the whole process. Therefore, obtaining and submitting said documents in due time can make a significant difference in the progress of any legal proceeding.

Court Records from Dominican Republic
Court Records from Dominican Republic

In fact, our team of professionals at Inherit.Estate can offer a time and cost-effective solution that will get you out of the bureaucratic maze of any jurisdiction in the Dominican Republic.

Court Records from Dominican Republic

Below there is a limited list of official documents we have obtained for our overseas clients:

abstract of conviction, abstract of judgment, administrative orders, affidavit, agreement and/or contract for deed, appeal bond, appearance bond, articles of incorporation, assessments, assignment, assumption agreement, bail bonds, bail forfeiture, bankruptcy, bill of particulars, bill of sale, board lien, bond, brief,

certificate of indebtedness, certificate of title, certified copy of a court judgment, certified copy of a previously recorded judgment, circuit and county court papers, civil action, claim of lien, code enforcement, codicil, complaint, conservation easement, contract, co-op lease, counterclaim, court judgment, court order,

Other Examples of Court Records from the Dominican Republic

court paper, cross-claim, declaration of condominium, declaration of domicile, declaratory judgment, decree, deed, default judgment, deficiency judgment, deposition, dismissal, docket book, docket sheet, dormant judgment, easement, estate tax closing letter, eviction notice, execution, executive order, federal tax lien, final action, final judgment on foreclosure, final judgment, final order,

financing statement, foreign judgment, future and advanced agreement, government-related judgment, injunction, instrument, interlocutory judgment, irregular judgment, judgment file, judgment in rem, judgment notwithstanding the verdict, judicial opinion, judicial order, jury instruction, lease, letter of administration, official letter, letters testamentary, lien, tax lien, lot split surveys,

motion for judgment, non-taxable certificate, notice of commencement, notice of contest of lien, notice of court paper, notice of encumbrance, orders from the circuit and county courts, ordinance, partial release, personal representative deed, petition, plat, probate documents, promissory note, property lease,

public document, public record, quiet title judgment, quit claim deed, release, resolution, restrictions, right-of-way, rule, ruling, search warrant, sentence,

statute, stipulation of final judgment, subpoena, summary judgment, summons, surveyor’s certificate / affidavit, surveys, tax certificate, tax deed, tax warrant, tenant assertion and complaint, timeshare deed, transcript, transfer, transfer of lien to bond, transfer of lien to cash, transfer of lien to security, trust,

trustee deed, verdict, warrant in debt, warrant in distress, warranty deed, will, writ of possession

Local Presence in the Dominican Republic

These are some of the provinces, cities, and jurisdictions where Inherit.Estate operates in the Dominican Republic: Padre Las Casas, Paraíso, Partido, Pedernales, Pedro Brand, Pedro Santana, Pepillo Salcedo, Peralta, Peralvillo, Tamboril, Tenares, Vallejuelo, Valverde, Vicente Noble, Villa Altagracia, Villa González, Villa Hermosa, Villa Isabela, Villa Jaragua, Villa Los Almácigos, Villa Montellano, Villa Riva, Villa Tapia, Villa Vásquez, Yaguate, Yamasá, etc.


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