International Adoption in El Salvador

International Adoption in El Salvador


Inherit.Estate constantly assists in the retrieval of all the necessary paperwork for international adoption in El Salvador. Since there is a wide array of documents required for international adoption, it is very helpful to divide them into three groups: vital records, notarial documents, medical reports, personal records, and specific paperwork related to the adoption process.

In the first group of vital records, the applicants need to submit the following: Birth certificates, Marriage certificate, Divorce certificates, Passport copies, visa application, background check reports. Other personal documents are bank statements, tax return copy, homeownership paperwork, employment information, and academic records.

The main notarial document for the adoption process is a power of attorney, which should be notarized, apostilled, and translated, if necessary.

The medical reports include mental reports and health certificates in general.

For the adoption process itself, it is necessary to submit the application form to the adoption agency, an introduction letter to the sending-country, a home assessment report -also known as home study-, the adoption agency license, reference letters, and pictures of the family and their home environment.

International Adoption in El Salvador
International Adoption in El Salvador

Inherit.Estate in El Salvador

El Salvador is a Central American country that was inhabited by indigenous populations for over 2,000 years before the arrival of Spanish conquistadors in the 16th century. The Spanish quickly established control and exploited the local population for labor, resulting in a decline in the indigenous population through disease, overwork, and displacement.


In the early 19th century, El Salvador became part of the newly formed Federal Republic of Central America, which also included Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. However, individual state interests eventually broke apart the union and El Salvador became an independent republic in 1841.


Throughout the 20th century, El Salvador experienced political and social upheaval, including a prolonged civil war from 1980 to 1992. The war was fought between the military-led government and leftist guerrilla groups, resulting in the deaths of over 75,000 people and the displacement of thousands more. The war ended with a peace agreement that included major reforms, such as land redistribution and amnesty for political prisoners.


Since the end of the civil war, El Salvador has struggled with high levels of violence, inequality, and poverty. The country also suffered many natural disasters. For example, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tropical storms. This further strained its economy and social fabric. The government implemented various reforms and programs to address these challenges. Nevertheless, progress is still slow and uneven.


Today, El Salvador is a democratic republic with a clear division of powers among the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. It continues to face significant social, political and economic challenges. However, the government is trying to create greater stability and opportunities for its citizens.

Additional Services

In addition to all the above, Inherit.Estate can also provide translation and notarization services in El Salvador. Our team of experts assists clients from all over the world in several cities, towns, and jurisdictions. For instance, Las Vueltas, Lislique, Lolotique, Lolotiquillo, Masahuat, Meanguera del Golfo, Mejicanos, Mercedes La Ceiba, Mercedes Umaña, Metapán, Moncagua, Monte San Juan, Morazán, Nahuizalco, Nahulingo, Nejapa, and Nombre de Jesús, among others.

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